Cinematic Piano music made easy

Learn step-by-step from multi-award winning trailer music composer Richard Schrieber (even if you can't play the piano)

Why piano trailer music?

Trailer music isn't all just bwaaams and huge epic action cues. It can be subtle, dramatic and emotional. It can be a simple, beautiful piano idea. This is what I do; I write simple cinematic piano music that gets placements on trailers, adverts and TV. And I show you EXACTLY HOW I DO you can too!


I actually created this course as a "formula" to be able to understand how to write for the piano and how to take a very simple idea and make it into a complete trailer cue. The best part is, I break it down into small actionable steps.

Award winning tutor

Aside from my dark organic sound design work. My cinematic piano music has won several awards (which I am very proud of and blessed to receive). I think this is just a little proof that what I am teaching it relevant and totally useful!

Amazing community

This is something that I benefit from here too; the amazing group of like minded composers to share your journey with (and also pictures of the beers you drink). Lots of the students are big fans of the piano courses and love sharing their ideas.

This is what you will be learning

  • Introduction
  • Meet your tutor
  • What will you learn?
  • One more thing before we start
  • A little bit about the piano
  • What are the “best” piano VSTs?
  • How do you choose your piano sound?
  • An introduction to writing for the piano
  • Using the piano roll
  • Humanising your MIDI
  • Realistic MIDI programming for the piano
  • My secret sauce
  • Patterns, patterns, patterns
  • Patterns in 3
  • Patterns in 4
  • Patterns in 6
  • Cross rhythms and matching numbers
  • Adding variety to your patterns
  • The basics of scoring and how it applies
  • The trailer structure in three acts
  • Welcome to the world of neo-classical piano
  • Create a template and choose your instruments
  • Define your structure
  • Choose your time signature
  • Choose your chord sequence
  • Choose your patterns
  • Creating and filling the cue
  • Adding variation
  • Orchestration
  • Quick and easy mix and master
  • Share your tracks

Join hundreds of other like minded composers

We have a rocking community of other composers at all points of their trailer music career from complete newbies to pro composers actually doing it for a living!

WARNING: Gratuitous testimonials!

"Since I signed up for the course, I have had 4 tracks get picked up by three separate trailer music publishers. I would quite happily say that without your course I wouldn’t of been able to write the kind of tracks that get picked up and this success is a direct result of your course"
Guy Jones
Trailer Music Composer
"I have learnt more about the practical tools needed, to create, build and structure all the elements that make up a great piece of trailer music in his courses, than in a lot of my 5 years of higher education"
Stephen Parker
"There's nothing more inspiring than embarking on an amazing journey - one in which you know will progress you to somewhere special. From the simple clear goals of the course introduction, through the laying out of templates, to the use of patterns to create repetition with progressive variation across emotive tracks that carry mood and atmosphere - Richard engages you on a journey of musical creativity and instills the belief that an excellent musical outcome is within your reach. The Cinematic Piano Course delivers on so many levels and is a must for anyone who is into music composition."
Steve White

"I've played piano for many years and Rich still blew my mind with this course"

I just wanted to add this little quote I received from a student about this course. Despite having been a pianist my course (remember I don't play piano) was able to help him improve and grow his writing. This is totally what I was hoping for and made all the hours of making this course worthwhile.


I'm very happy to say that you can buy the course as a one off payment or you can spread the payments out over 12 months for as little as £29 per month. Once you have paid for the course you get access to the Trailer Music School forums and groups (with a few exceptions for Premium Members). You also get a nice 10% discount on the other courses and products in the shop #winning!

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