Step-by-step hybrid cues from scratch

Learn step-by-step from multi-award winning trailer music composer Richard Schrieber and mastering engineer Taz Mattar

Why the hybrid trailer music course?

It's pretty simple really; you choose the course you want, sign up to it, then you will officially become part of the Trailer Music School family (#TMSfam)


I actually created this course as a "formula" to be able to compose hybrid trailer music as if it were a recipe. All you need is the ingredients...which I give you here too!

Award winning tutor

I am incredibly blessed and have now been awarded 8 awards for my trailer music. So I'd like to think I know what I am talking about. Plus I have the amazing Taz Mattar teaching mixing & mastering too

Amazing community

This is something that I benefit from here too; the amazing group of like minded composers to share your journey with (and also pictures of the beers you drink)

This is what you will be learning

  • Welcome to the course
  • Synth washes
  • The giants have landed
  • Rise of the robots
  • Broken pianos
  • Dirty strings
  • Hit ’em hard
  • Create your template
  • Sketch using hits
  • Fill your sketch with risers and FX
  • Shape the landscape with pads
  • Introduce your pattern
  • Layer your ideas
  • Layer your ideas some more
  • Give them something to remember you by
  • Prepping for the mix
  • Session set up and signal flow introduction
  • Session set up and signal flow
  • Mixing – part one
  • Your mixing questions answered
  • Mixing – part two
  • Creating mix stems

Join hundreds of other like minded composers

We have a rocking community of other composers at all points of their trailer music career from complete newbies to pro composers actually doing it for a living!

WARNING: Gratuitous testimonials!

"Doing this course is like watching a magician reveal how he does his tricks. You'll never hear trailer music the same way, and whether or not you want to do trailer music specifically, if you've ever wondered how to make something sound enormous, this is the course for you."
Alex Moon
"Richard is a great teacher and he is really excited about the stuff he talks about. The course is very practical. The theory is explained on a real track. The course contains a lecture about setting up a template which made my workflow much more efficient and distraction free. Seeing an experienced pro building a track is really valuable because you can pick these little tricks which then turn out to be game changer"
Tom Medek
Composer & Musician
"Richard Schrieber's courses are simply a must have for any music composer who is wanting to grow into this style of writing and producing, I only wish I had this kind guidance when I was formally studying many years ago! In Richard's courses he goes through the actual production step by step, you will see the master creating a blueprint that you can adopt. This process puts you in the heart of creating! There are also tips that you will not find in any other online course, unlocking the ideas that are lurking in the creative mind! Richard's years of real world experience, tag that together with multiple awards and accolades working in this highly demanding industry and you got a master guiding you in every step of the path! Most importantly though Richard's course inspires me every time and that is really indispensable for any student composer buying into these type of courses!
Lyndon Rodriguez

"Because you're worth it" 😉

I know it's some one else's tagline but I thought it would be funny. Plus, you and your trailer music career are actually worth it. Education is invaluable and will help you grow (not in height unfortunately) as a composer


I'm very happy to say that you can buy the course as a one off payment or you can spread the payments out over 12 months for as little as £29 per month. Once you have paid for the course you get access to the Trailer Music School forums and groups (with a few exceptions for Premium Members). You also get a nice 10% discount on the other courses and products in the shop #winning!

One off Payment

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