The blueprint for successful Trailer Music

Learn step-by-step from multi-award winning trailer music composer Richard Schrieber

Why the trailer music course?

It's pretty simple really; you choose the course you want, sign up to it, then you will officially become part of the Trailer Music School family (#TMSfam)


I actually created this course as a "formula" to be able to compose trailer music as if it were a recipe. All you need is the ingredients...which I give you here too!

Award winning tutor

I am incredibly blessed and have now been awarded 8 awards for my trailer music. So I'd like to think I know what I am talking about

Amazing community

This is something that I benefit from here too; the amazing group of like minded composers to share your journey with (and also pictures of the beers you drink)

This is what you will be learning

  • A message from Richard
  • Join the conversation
  • The Tools of the trade
  • The Tools of the Trade Worksheet
  • Why Workflow is important
  • Creating your template
  • Connecting buses and sends
  • Colour coding your mixer
  • Loading instruments into your template
  • Saving presets
  • The sonic dimensions
  • Orchestral instrument frequencies
  • Panning your instruments
  • Compression and reverb
  • High pass filtering
  • All about MIDI
  • Utilising velocity
  • Utilising modulation
  • Using different voicings
  • Creating your own samples
  • Creating epic hits V01
  • Creating epic hits V02
  • Drop downs with sub falls
  • Upping the ante with risers, rips and whooshes
  • Creating Bwaaaams
  • Review
  • The art of writing trailer music
  • Using pads to create moods
  • Using pads to create movement
  • Low frequencies to add depth
  • Introducing simple thematic material
  • Composing act one
  • Act one worksheet
  • Introducing act two
  • Using chord sequences
  • Chord sequence development examples
  • Writing string patterns
  • String pattern worksheet
  • Writing driving percussion
  • Pulsing bass for pace
  • Composing act two
  • Act two worksheet
  • Introducing act three
  • Act three worksheet
  • Sketching out act three
  • Fleshing out act three’s chords
  • Drums of act three
  • Pads of act three
  • Finishing act three
  • Mixing and exporting your trailer cue
  • Masterclass part one
  • Masterclass part two
  • Masterclass part three
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Join hundreds of other like minded composers

We have a rocking community of other composers at all points of their trailer music career from complete newbies to pro composers actually doing it for a living!

WARNING: Gratuitous testimonials!

"Since I signed up for the course, I have had 4 tracks get picked up by three separate trailer music publishers. I would quite happily say that without your course I wouldn’t of been able to write the kind of tracks that get picked up and this success is a direct result of your course"
Guy Jones
Trailer Music Composer
“I’ve done a lot of courses and this is the only one I just keep coming back to. Richard’s approach is informative and affable and the Toby Mason mixing masterclass at the end is pure gold. Total no brainer. Go buy it. NOW!!”
Andrew Skipper
Trailer Music Composer
"Composing modern commercial trailer music is both art and science. If you want to learn how to do it right, you need The Trailer Music Course by Richard Schrieber"
John Thibodeau

"Because you're worth it" 😉

I know it's some one else's tagline but I thought it would be funny. Plus, you and your trailer music career are actually worth it. Education is invaluable and will help you grow (not in height unfortunately) as a composer


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“The best course ever!” Garrett Wyenburg - TMS student